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CERN Summer Student Programme

A data visualization platform I created in 2016 for the CMS experiment.

This project is part of the WMArchive project that provides long-term storage for the CMS workflow and data management framework job reports (FWJRs). An aggregation pipeline regularly processes the distributed database of FWJRs to collect performance metrics. An interactive web interface visualizes the aggregated data and provides flexible filters and options to assist the CMS data operators in assessing the performance of the CMS computing jobs.


An online education A/B-testing framework I created in 2016 at the CERN webfest hackathon.

Finch aims to integrate into existing online education platforms to optimize their material for each student through an A/B-testing algorithm. We developed the idea and implemented the core functionality of this project from scratch during the CERN webfest 2016, that is an annual hackathon for the summer students at CERN in Geneva, Switzerland to develop science and humanitarian projects over a weekend.

26. Heidelberger Symposium

A website I created in 2014 for the Heidelberger Club für Wirtschaft und Kultur.